About me

I grew up in Arnold in Nottingham where I had a fairly good childhood with a fairly supportive family. I wasn't one of the popular crowd and often felt quite lonely, but began to make a closer group of friends in my mid-teens. I attended church for much of my childhood although my parents weren't religious. Despite not being naturally academic I worked hard and achieved fairly good results in A levels. At the age of 18 I spent a year in Manchester working with the Salvation Army, but during this time decided I no longer believed in God.

I attended Lancaster University to study Psychology but quickly realised I was out of my depth. I was placed with students I didn't have much in common with and felt very isolated so I left after one term. I spent the rest of the academic year working, and then began a degree at the University of Kent studying English and Drama.

After graduating I started working with students with special needs in a college working as a Learning Support Assistant. I trained as a teacher whilst during the next two years and gained a position at a College near Leicester as an English and maths teacher. I moved to Leicester for the job and rented a room with strangers. I met my boyfriend and we moved in together a year after we got together. We are currently buying a house.

After moving to Leicester my father passed away from cancer. Living with strangers away from home with no friends close by was difficult for me, but I found a way through the sad times. He was a big part of my life; there will always be something missing.

My blog isn't streamlined to one topic, but explores different areas of my life. I am currently working as a teacher so many posts look at issues faced by teachers and government decisions about teaching. I am buying a house that needs renovating, so many posts will talk about my experiences of renovation. I have a dog called Charlie (rescued from one of my boyfriend's family) who often features in the blog.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I love to write and my blog has helped me through difficulties as well as encouraging me to think positively about life (no one wants to read a sob story). I don't pretend to think I have hundreds of followers; I write the blog for myself. However, I know that there are a few out there and it means a lot to me that people enjoy reading my blog.

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