Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Yellow Raincoat Love

It's no secret that the weather in England at the moment SUCKS. It's also a little worrying, there have been a lot of people who have lost their homes in floods and I can imagine it's absolutely horrific to have to go through that. It makes me worry, with the weather getting worse and worse thanks to climate change, that in ten years from now England may be really struggling to stay afloat, quite literally.

Not to take away from this, and probably slightly hypocritically (as it probably won't be helping the environment), I have been looking for a coat that can cope with what seems like 300 days of rain a year. I have been lusting after yellow raincoats, which seem to have been everywhere... right before I decided I wanted one, and completely sold out now!

Here are my favourites.

yellow rain mac
 This one is the most expensive I have found and it's from Petit Bateau. I did see it a while ago but thought to myself "I can find the same thing, but cheaper." It turns out I could (see below)... but they are both now sold out.

Yellow raincoat cute
 This coat is by Seainside, and is reasonably priced, free shipping, but SOLD OUT. Damn! Isn't it a beauty?

Yellow raincoat love
 Topshop had a yellow raincoat for sale not long ago. It's cute, but I was imagining a coat a little less shiny, if I'm honest. I like the buttons and the black sleeves though. If I found one and tried it on, I would probably be tempted by this one.

Pullandbear yellow rain

Pull and Bear is a make I have only recently discovered. They did a drop-dead-gorgeous yellow raincoat, but again, it seems to be sold out. It's pretty much exactly what I was looking for, although I've started to realise if I squint, she looks a little bit like a fireman. Hmm..

Yellow raincoat cute

This Seafolly coat is a little more laid back, and seems to be in stock at Seasalt Cornwall, but it is a little shorter than I was hoping to find, and looks a bit wide on the photo. I may risk it, but I'm not yet convinced.

Which coat do you like best? Do you know of any other places selling yellow raincoats? I'd settle for a red one if it's gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Just found this post... do you have any yellow raincoat recommendations for this season?

Nghĩa Lê said...

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Niessa Niessa said...

I want to buy this coat. How ?

Anonymous said...

Joules are currently selling yellow raincoats (which happen to be really cute!!) but I don't know how much you're willing to spend? I think that the prices range between about £50 - £100. They also have other colours like red and green but the yellow ones my favourite

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