Sunday, 15 July 2012

Anyone for a bit of indie?

Had a nice weekend. Dragged my boyfriend to a family bbq, and the weather actually stayed nice all day. What are the chances of that, in England?

Thought I would share with you some of my favourite artists that you may, or may not have already heard of.

Laura Marling: Young British female singer. I first discovered her on the Culture Show. I've seen her live at Hopfarm festival a couple of years ago. She writes her own music and lyrics and is exteremely talented. I think she's dating the lead singer of Mumford and Sons too, how incredibly cool.

Peggy Sue: A couple of British girls who do the most incredible harmonies and are very talented. They have written some of my favourite songs which are thoughtful, clever, and catchy.
The Bird and the Bee: A quirky band with some fairly questionable haircuts. Listen to the song lyrics, they're hilarious.
Frightened Rabbit: A Scottish band that seem to be growing in popularity. They produce some really polished music and  have their own style. Bordering on the 'teenage angst' genre but they manage to keep just inside the line of this.

Kimya Dawson: You may have heard this singer on the soundtrack to Juno. Another slightly cutesy female singer, but one that tries to have a 'good' message most of the time.

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