Saturday, 14 July 2012

Make your own pizzas (the easy way)

Ok, in an ideal world we could all whip up a pizza base from scratch and make it taste as good as Domino's, but when you're a busy working person, or you're sharing a kitchen with at least 2 other people, it's not always practical to make things from scratch. Here is my cheat way of making delicious personal pizzas, and they taste fantastic!

The photos aren't great, but were only taken on an iphone. They look much more delicious in real life.

easy pizza

What you will need (per person that you are feeding):

Two pitta breads (I use brown, it's healthier)
Two good squeezes of tomato puree
6 slices of chroizo
One red chilli pepper
One spring onion
Mature cheddar cheese
A sprinkling of pepper or salt to taste

The process:

Step 1:

Put the pitta bread in the toaster for about 1 and a half minutes. You want the pitta to be a little toasted before you add the toppings.

Step 2:

Squirt tomato puree onto the pitta bread and spread.  (You could also make the pizza a 'stuffed crust' at this point by filling the middle of the pitta with cheese!)

Step 3:

Lay chorizo on top of the tomato puree, then place cheese on top. Finally place chopped spring onion and chilli on the top and sprinkle pepper and salt. It's easiest to do this with them sitting in a baking tray, rather than having to move them when you've precariously placed the spring onions on top. They should look something like this.

easy pizza recipe

Step 4:

Grill in the oven for 2-3 minutes. Keep an eye on them because they will burn quickly.

Step 5: 

Serve. I like to eat them with a big dollop of salad cream, or you could have tomato ketchup, or mayonnaise. Enjoy!!

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