Saturday, 7 July 2012

The best 'weird' documentaries

It's no secret amongst my close friends that I am a fan of documentaries based on weird topics. I find difference really interesting, and love to hear about a strange new fetish or something people do. Therefore, my internet search history could probably be described as slightly 'deviant.' To make it clear, it's not that I'm personally in to weird stuff, I just like to hear about people who are.

My top documentary is a documentary I have been slightly obsessed with for some time. It actually has a cult following which expands as far as Australia. It's about people with Prader Willi Syndrome, and I do worry people might think I'm laughing at the people in the documentary. The problem is the documentary has been edited for maximum comedy. It doesn't offer much scientific information, but shows the funny intricacies of the lives of people living with this syndrome.

It's called Can't Stop Eating, and it's filmed near where I currently work. I haven't seen the characters from the show around yet though. 

There are some documentaries that actually make me quite angry, but I feel are important to educate people. My Monkey Baby is one of these. It's about naiive and idiotic people who buy a pet monkey in order to fulfill their lives. The documentary is probably quiet biased, but doesn't state this explicitly. The baby monkey taken away from it's mother is a horrific scene and makes me quite upset.

Another two documentaries about people with difficulties are The Strangest Village in Britain and The Undateables. These both offer a thoughtful look at different aspects of having a learning difficulty. The strangest village in Britain is about a village with a huge population of those with learning difficulties and the set up of this village. The Undateables looks at the problems of trying to find a partner for those living with a disability. Both have insight into the lives of those with difficulties and present them in a loveable way. Both of these are on the 4od website.

I will mention one more today, and do a follow up post soon. The final documentary is called Guys and Dolls, looking at men who buy lifelike sex dolls rather than having a real girlfriend. It's interesting and entertaining and looks in depth at the lives of the people and what motivates them. 

Please comment if you watch any of these, and let me know what you thought!

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