Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hair Plans...

I'm bored of my hair. It's long, it's chaotic, and it's dry. I love having long hair, so I don't want a drastic short cut. I toyed with the idea of getting a Zooey Deschanel fringe, but I know for a fact it just won't suit my face. So how do you change your hair without changing the style? Dye it.

It's pretty bad condition, I'm not sure why. I look after it, try not to straighten it every day, don't use a hairdryer and put conditioning treatments in it. I've got exactly my Mum's hair though, coarse and dry, unlucky for us. I don't want to run my hair by dying it, and it's so dark I'll have to bleach it first, so I'm going to try just dying the ends. I was thinking of going a funky colour for the next few weeks, then I can cut it off, or dye it back, before I go back to teaching in September.

I bought some blonde dye today, but I'm going to wait till I've got a nice colour to go over it before I do it. The bleached hair might come out orange considering how dark my hair is. I had a look in Boots today, but they only have boring colours, so I've had a look on Beeunique, the go-to site for crazy hair colours. I'm thinking a fairly bright red, as red falls into the realm of 'normal' hair colours, although I'm slightly tempted by a bright pink. I'm thinking this pink dye or this red dye.

I'll try to post some photos when I do it. I heard from a friend you use little elastic bobbles and put them where you want the colour to start, and just paint it on up to the bobble. I bought some bobbles on ebay not long ago so I'm all set.

I'm hoping it will look something like this fellow blogger's gorgeous locks... here (and below)

red hair dye

Watch this space... exciting hair coming soon!

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