Monday, 23 July 2012

How Charming

I can't stop wanting things! It's because I'm off work and my mind is free to desire all the cute things I 'accidentally' find on the internet. I never got into the Pandora craze, but when I came across these adorable charms from the charm works I couldn't help but want want want. If you buy a bracelet and charms at the same time, they attach the charms for free.

How cute are these...

book charm

Retro camera charm

cooking charm

vintage teapot charm

vintage toilet charm

musical instrument charm

vintage typewriter charm
The great thing is you can choose charms that really mean something to you, or just choose the totally adorable ones. If you buy a new one from them, and already bought the bracelet from them, they will attach it for free if you send the bracelet back to them. 

Which charms would you choose?

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