Thursday, 26 July 2012

The best Iphone Apps

I love my Iphone. It's great for everything... except texting, and phoning people. In fact, it's more of a toy than a good phone.

I ended up with an Iphone in the cheapest way possible. I bought one for £130 pounds on ebay (it's only a 3G), and then signed up for a sim only contract for £8 a month which includes unlimited texts, 200 minutes and 500MB of data. I could spend more and get a better Iphone, but I don't particularly like surfing the internet on it, or watching films, so I don't see the point. I use my laptop for that.

Anyway, the reason I writing this blog post it to tell you which apps I like the best. This is ever-changing as I often get bored of apps and try something new, but these are the ones that I've been using recently:

Tiny Tower

This is very geeky, and I'm a little embarrassed, but I've been playing on this for month. It's a game by Nimblebit, where basically you build a tower which includes shops and apartments, and by getting rent and people buying in the shops, you can build more floors. It's slow paced and not for everyone, but pretty addictive. Also, it's 100% free!

Tiny Tower App

Tiny Tower gameplay

Pocket Frogs

Before Nimble bit made Tiny Tower, they had Pocket Frogs which I also loved. You have to breed different types of frogs and complete collections. Again, incredibly geeky, but addictive.

pocket frogs nimblebit
Pocket Frogs Overview Screen

Tap The Frog

Continuing the frog line, tap the frog is a popular game. You complete challenges within a time limit, and must completed them before you move on to the next. Totally pointless but a great way to make a bus journey seem loads shorter. Resist the urge to shout out "NOOO!" when you don't make the time allowance.

tap the frog gameplay

Tap the frog gameplay

Family Guy

I had to pay for this one. The makers of Family Guy brought out an Iphone game, and I just loved it. It was cute, and easy enough for me to complete (unlike the Sonic app I bought). You play as both Stewie and Brian, and jump around the screen collecting items and killing bad guys. It's brilliant.

Stewie Lois fight game

Stewie locked in a deadly fight with Lois

20Q Mindreader

This game doesn't have much longevity, once you've done it a few times you've got the point, but it can genuinally guess whatever you're thinking of by having you answer 20 questions. I played a number of times, and caught it out once, but it was very close. Give it a try, or use it to amaze your friends.


I paid for this app, and I resent having to pay for it. Apple have made it as difficult as possible to transfer photos from your Iphone to a PC. This app makes it easy, as long as you have wireless internet. It annoys me that Apple didn't include this themselves, but for the sake of £2 it makes something annoying far less annoying. Particularly useful for blogging photos I've taken.
Basically you pick the photos you want to transfer, and the iphone gives you a web address. You long into that address on your PC or laptop, and download the photos. It's not ideal, but it works pretty quickly. I'd rather have this than not have this.

iphone transfer photos to pc

Which are your favourite apps?


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