Saturday, 4 August 2012

Why I am actually Jess from New Girl

I love the show New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel. It's quirky and adorable, and very easy to watch. However, watching it, I started to get a funny feeling. Like looking in the mirror. Wait... that's my life! 

Numerous friends have also said to me "you're Jess from New Girl" confirming my suspicions. Have the producers secretly been tailing me? Here are the reasons why I have concluded New Girl is me.

1. I moved to a new town, I am a 'New Girl'.

Ok, this isn't evidence on it's own, but it's a start. But wait, there's more...

2.  I live with 3 boys.

When I moved in, it was two boys and a girl, but she moved out and was replaced with another male. The rapport between us is bordering on the kind of rapport Jess has with her housemates, although I'm not quite as good friends. However...

3. I lived with Schmidt. 

I had a housemate who was Schmidt. My friend loves New Girl, and recently met him, and said "He's Schmidt". He used to walk in my room with his shirt unbuttoned and say "what are we doing tonight then?". He was into the ladies, but secretly wanted a girlfriend. He is confident and cocky, but underneath has a good heart. Plus he looks a lot like Schmidt. Unfortunately my landlord kicked him out for sleeping with one of her friends.... the kind of thing Schmidt might do!

4. I am a teacher

Ok, Jess taught in a comprehensive school, I teach in a college, but come on! I also make weird little jokes and do little dances for my classes. I recently tried to teach them this... but they ended up just watching me do it on my own. Acceptable for junior school, a bit weird in a college.

5. I sing everything. 

Well not everything, but now and then a little song creeps in. It's fricking weiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrddddd. Like the time I went on a boat trip with my friends and insisted on singing this the whole time. I like to think I added another dimension to the experience.

6. I wear embarrasing pyjamas. 

zooey new girl jess

And I don't give a damn.

7. I look a bit like her.

I don't want to put a photo up on this blog so my students find it and start quoting bits while I'm teaching and send me into some sort of breakdown, but I have long brown hair that is slightly curly, vintage- cutesy style, and I'm fairly little. I'm also a big fan of the dark eyeliner look and have been championing it for years. Zooey is undeniably much prettier than me, but there are some similarities. My ex even said to me "you look like the girl out of hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" before I even knew who she was. 

We are also leg-twins. She's thin with slightly stocky legs, I'm thin with slightly stocky legs. We wear short skirts anyway, cos we're cool right.

zooey legs

8. I'm fairly awkward in social situations.

I'm mostly pretty confident, but I often feel a bit stupid, and have been known to put my foot in my mouth more than a few times (the worst being when I implied my colleague was a bit of a slag without meaning to). Not something I want to share with Jess, but unfortunately I do.

Therefore, I conclude, I AM JESS. What to do about it? Carry on buying cutesy outfits and making a fool of myself? Done.

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