Sunday, 26 August 2012

Exercise without knowing you're doing it

I love when you have had a fun weekend, and then wake up Monday morning, and suddenly your muscles are aching, and you think to yourself, when did I do exercise? So why not complete one of these activities as part of your weekend, and exercise without even knowing you're doing it.


Gardening actually uses a lot of muscles and is a really great work out. Digging with a spade works your arms, back and shoulders. Replanting is great for arm muscles. Clearing out a pond is almost like doing squats with all the bending up and down. Not only is it a good work out, you can see the results of your work when your garden starts to look beautiful. For an extra healthy life, grow your own veg. That's a workout and healthy eating all in one!



Surfing is a great idea for a weekend activity. Book a place with friends near the coast, grab your wetsuit and hit the water. Whilst you're trying your hardest not to fall off your board, you're getting a whole body workout. Even if you don't manage to look effortlessly cool on a surfboard, you might trim a few pounds and can look gorgeous on dry land instead. Plus everyone knows, saying you go surfing makes you sound cool.

surfing exercise


I know, boring. I can't claim I do a lot of it myself, since we have a cleaner who pops in once a week. I wouldn't want to clean up after my male housemates anyway. But if you own your own home and are only cleaning up after yourself an a partner cleaning is actually a good way to exercise. I remember scrubbing my floor to get all the make-up marks off the carpet at the end of Uni and waking up unable to move my arms the next day. It really is a great workout, and once you start cleaning it is strangely addictive.


Perhaps not if you go for a coffee break every couple of hours and a slap-up-lunch in the middle, but when you're shopping you actually walk quite a distance. That includes walking around a car-boot sale. It does not include online shopping, so grab your coat and go and try some outfits on.
Moving house/ rearranging furniture

Probably not a regular activity, but definitely gets your muscles working. All that lifting and moving is like doing a resistance workout. Maybe your bedroom would look better with your bed against another wall. Don't just let the man do all the work, help out and get toned. You could also upcycle some old pieces of furniture: painting, reupholstering and moving furniture around all burn calories.
upcycle furniture

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