Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Prince Harry partying in Vegas

There has recently been massive hype about Prince Harry partying in Vegas. Pictures such as this...

Prince harry blonde vegas
have been sprawled across websites and newspapers suggesting Prince Harry is a dirty dog and brings shame on the royal family. There are also some nude photos of Prince Harry apparently going to take a skinny dip at a pool party. 

The trouble is, if this apparently brings the Royal family into disrepute, then I dread to think what people would say if they could see mine or half my friends' Facebook photos. Most teenagers are captured in far more degrading photos than these on a weekly basis.

I'm slightly sick of the Royal Family pretending they are not people at all and never make mistakes and never act their age. To put yourself on a pinnacle is setting yourself up to fail. Of course much of this is tradition and comes from the times when the Royals were regarded as chosen by God. Yet, if people think this is a Royal behaving badly, think back to Henry VIII who married six women and killed two of them, and supposedly cheated on a number of them with others. Prince Harry is nothing compared to them.

He is a young man, and although he probably doesn't wish to shove his partying in people's faces, he is entitled to enjoy himself now and then. He didn't chose to be a member of the Royal family and he is not in line for the throne assuming William has children. He should be granted privacy and these photographs were clearly unwanted. As if the duty expected of him wasn't enough pressure to place on someone so young, but not letting them enjoy themselves with friends is unacceptable. I think he will find most people aren't interested, or don't mind that he enjoys himself. As long as he doesn't try and make an embarrassing documentary about his life like The Osbournes, or star in a porno movie, he's doing OK by me.

What do you think about the Prince Harry photographs?

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