Sunday, 16 September 2012


Today is our one year anniversary. We're celebrating from the day we first met because we can't remember when we became 'official'. I did go on a date with another fella the night after we met though, which my boyfriend has mentioned a few times. I shouldn't have told him.

In true old- couple style we are going to spend the day wandering around furniture stores looking at leather sofas for our new house. We went to see the sofas from this blog post yesterday, but they weren't the lovely soft vintage leather we were imagining.

We have been looking at some gorgeous sofas online, but until we see them, it's hard to make a judgement. We're going to look in John Lewis today, and perhaps some charity furniture stores. Having no where to store furniture till we get the house is a real problem though.

I'm hoping if we get expensive sofas we really like, we can do up everything else cheaply. My plan is to buy some cheap old pine furniture, and paint it with primer and white paint to give it that cutesy shabby chic look.

Here is the kind of thing I've been looking at:

This pine chest:
upcycling pine furniture
Will become something like this:

upcycling furniture
This average table:

upcycling dining table
 Will have a new lease of life by having its legs painted like this:
upcycling dining table

And a pine wardrobe:
painting pine furniture
Can be a simple shabby chic classic:

upcycling pine wardrobe

I am so excited to get my paint brushed out, and I'm sure my boyfriend will love the savings we'll make! It's win win. Be prepared for some how-to new-home-related posts in the next month or two!

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