Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bieber Fever

I went to the Capital One Summer Sunday this summer. It was good, and had brilliant entertainment from Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry and Jessie J. However, it also has Justin Bieber. 

Throughout the whole day, all the teenage girls, and even pre-teens, in the audience were buzzing about Just Bieber. He was on second to last, but they were all sporting I Love Justin t-shirts and his name written all over themselves. At one point he appeared at a window, so all the young girls ran over to stand where he had been spotted. For literally the rest of the day these young girls couldn't enjoy the concert because they were craning their heads round every 2 minutes to see if Justin was at the window again.

justin bieber fans

I have never seen obsession like it. Long before he was onstage I could sense the desperation in the air among the young members of the audience. As soon as he came onstage, the girls went wild and banners were raised all over the place. Although we weren't anywhere near the stage, the girls were widly trying to catch his eye and screaming that they loved him.

He even invited one girl on stage with him. The aftermath of this was the young girl in question, who had actually been standing just in front of me and my friends, was shaken and seemed either overjoyed or catatonic. The other girls in the audience were in tears when Justin's mini-gig was over and seemed geniuinely inconsolable. 

I just find it very strange that girls can be so besotted with someone they don't know. I know that teenage infatuation is a common thing, and is often aimed at celebrities. They're too young for the feelings to be sexual in a conscious way, but perhaps they are linked in with status or popularity. Whatever it is, I don't remember feeling THAT strongly about any celebrities and it seems quite scary the intensity of the emotions.

justin bieber and fans

I can't help but wonder what effect all this has on Justin Bieber himself. He was shouting about still looking for a girlfriend, which obviously meant all the girls were screaming "me, I'll be your girlfriend", and he clearly knows the effect he has on these girls. It can't be easy being an object of such affection, there is no way he can go out in public like a normal person of his age. He must also have a very confused idea of himself; he has been famous since he was young and these are the years people truly find their identity. I can't imagine going through the ups and down of teenage life in the spotlight, particularly knowing you are adored by millions of people who haven't even met you. 

If I was a relative of Justin Bieber, I would have some massive concerns about his upbringing and his future. Is he going to continue on as a musician? It seems unlikely that his style would appeal once he reaches adulthood. A come-down from this level of success can only have negative influences on someone so young and vulnerable. 

What do you think?

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