Sunday, 7 October 2012

Buying ebay furniture

We have been bidding on ebay like nobody's business. With only a few glitches (confusion over pick-up dates and a lot of apologising), we have got most of the items we need.

In case it's of interest to you, and because it's of interest to me (I can't wait to get my hands on the furniture), I'll show you what we've got, and think about what we are going to do to it. I'm in for a lot of sanding, painting and re-sanding over the next few weeks!

Pine Double Bed

pine double bed shabby chic
 This was one of the first things we bought on ebay. It was around 70 pounds. It will probably go in our room as our main bed. I'm definitely going to be sanding this, painting it white and distressing the edges. I'm thinking a slightly creamy white so it's not too pale, with maybe a watered down light brown over for a slightly antique finish. 

Pine bed number 2

shabby chic pine bed
This one cost around 60 pounds. I'll be painting this bed white as well as I'm not keen on the orangey colour of the wood. This will go in the guest room. Unless it happens to come out much nicer than the other one, then I'll nab it for my room.


pine small bookcase
This will probably go in the lounge. It cost 30 pounds. I may sand it down and leave it a wood colour, but I think I'll probably end up painting it a duck egg green colour and sanding it back so the wood shows a little. Either that or a cream colour.

Chest of drawers

shabby chic chest of drawers
I felt like we paid a lot for these at the time: 80 pounds. However, after visiting a few vintage shops I know this would go for a lot more than that if it was in a proper shop. I'll either varnish it, or paint it a cream or duck egg colour. I'm pretty sure I'll leave the top the natural wood colour regardless, as it's lovely.

Corner Tv Unit

pine tv unit
This was about twenty five pounds. It's nothing special but I think with a little paint and distressing it'll look super cute. I think white/ cream is the way to go. I may change the glass for wire if it's easy to do.

Pot cupboard
vintage sideboard
This pot cupboard was forty pounds. I've since seen one almost identical for seventy five in a vintage shop! I think if the other furniture is cream, I may leave this the way it is. I'm not sure if it'll be used as a bedside table or a coffee table in the lounge. We'll try it in a few places and see where it looks best. I think it's cute though.

Retro sideboard

shabby chic sideboard
This sideboard was an accidental buy. I bid on it at the last minute, certain I would be outbid. It cost me forty pounds. The hard work is done for me, it's already been painted white with a nice finish. I think it will look very cute with a vase and some candles on in the lounge.

Sofa bed

sofa bed red
We're not overjoyed with this item, but we knew it was a good deal when we saw it. It was seventy five pounds, which is super cheap for a sofa bed. It's a metal action one and seems to be in find condition. This will go in the study in case we have guests drop by. We'll put some cute cream cushions and a throw on it for day-to-day use. 

Leather sofa

vintage leather sofa ebay
I'm really excited to collect this sofa. Annoyingly we thought we could get a great deal on this sofa, so we ignored the buy-it-now price and bid fifty pounds on it. When the bids started climbing we ended up getting it for one hundred and fifty. We should have just clicked buy-it-now at the beginning, but it's still a great deal. This will be our main sofa till we get the John Lewis one (this one). Then it will be kept in the conservatory with a throw so I can read a nice book with a cup of tea in natural lighting when I get home from work.

Pine wardrobe

vintage pine wardrobe ebay
This pine wardrobe was ninety pounds. I think it has lovely proportions. I'm not sure if I'll paint it or leave it as it is. I like the look of it, but it definitely suits the natural look when there are floorboards, but I'm not sure it'll look as good on a cream carpet. I'll decide when it's been installed. It may be hard to paint because it's so big.

We're still bidding on a few more items: a dining table and chairs, and possibly a dresser, but I think we've done well to get the items we have. Moving day is the 13th of October and we've hired a van for that day. I'm so excited to see the items!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, so much shopping! I could also do with that chest of drawers, we don't have a set and I'd love to have one to paint. Great ideas xo

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