Monday, 26 November 2012

Sea of Statistics!

I am trying to complete my coursework for the Psychology course I'm completing. However, I'm so confused! I'm drowning in a sea of statistics. Apparently I need to know how to calculate standard deviation, Z scores, distributions, check the curvature of the results, know if they are skewed or not. It's too much to take in!

I understand this is important for Psychology, but I hate all the statistics! It just goes over my head. I'm interested in learning about the brain and our motivation for behaviours! To start with statistics is just cruelty. This is why I didn't continue with my degree the first time around, I was scared by all of the maths!

I will persevere, and hopefully the fact my boyfriend has a degree in accountancy will come in useful! So my evening is to be spent 'describing' statistics. I could use some very descriptive words I'll have you know.

Is it just me who is baffled by all the things you need to know, or are all psychology students like this? Why do I do this to myself? Help meee!



Anonymous said...

I was a health sciences major As well stats was required for the rn bsn program as well as developmental, cognitive and behavrial psychology wait till you hit general chemistry geez 2 semesters of it try khans academy and you tube For better results accounting is bean counting compared to stats sorry I'll stop posting on your


Lucinda Harrington said...

Haha, that's ok. I imagine I have much worse maths to come, but I'm struggling at the moment. A lot of it is because they are giving me the formulas for intfernetial tests, but aren't explaining how that relates in SPSS!