Friday, 14 December 2012

Connecticut Newtown School Shootings

Halfway through the evening, my boyfriend turned to me from his iPhone (which he is invariably absorbed in) and said "there's been a shooting in America". Quick as a flash I turned on the 24 hour news, to find every channel reporting the story. Up to 30 people have been killed by a gunman in a school in Connecticut. To make things worse, many of these were children under 11. 

At times like these, after the initial shock and appalled expressions, we start to ask questions. Should guns be illegal in America? I can't help but think that if guns were not as easily accessible, there would be fewer shootings. However, it would take a lot to convince Americans to give up their guns; much more than this.

Why are young people feeling like this is an option? Just this year, another young male shot a number of people in a cinema. There have been numerous school shootings in the last twenty years. Being at University, I can remember feeling annoyed by the people around, particularly spoilt students, and I did think "I hate them all, can't they all just sod off." I'm not saying I sympathise, but I understand how people can feel isolated and frustrated, and potentially bitter. To take it to this level though is inexcusable and disgusting.

The most frustrating thing is the murderer always shoots themselves. There is no resolution, no reason for them to do this. They could have just committed suicide if they want to end their life. 

All we can try to do is learn from this, make it more difficult for young people to access guns and step inside a school. Yet, without making guns illegal in America it's difficult to ensure this will not happen again. Sometimes I'm glad I live in England. We still have crime, but I'm glad I know my neighbours don't have firearms.

Anyway, musing on this won't help anyone. My thoughts are with the families that were affected today. I can't imagine what they are going through. It's a terrifying thought and it must be hell for them. It's such a senseless waste and so selfish. There's nothing else the rest of us can say but... we're sorry.

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