Monday, 14 January 2013

Applying for jobs

Once again, back in work in January, and I'm not happy. This time last year I wasn't enjoying my work, and unfortunately this is still the case. As the maths and English teacher at the college I work in I am always an add-on to the students' main programme. This means they are not motivated in my lessons, don't want to be there, and tend to have a negative attitude.

I've already started applying for other jobs. I have three options:
  • Apply for Primary teaching paid placements. In terms of studying Educational Psychology (my long term goal), this would be excellent experience for me. It is a competitive field, and if I was offered a placement I should really go for it. However, it means taking a big drop in pay for a year and effectively retraining, which puts pressure on my ability to complete my Psychology MSc. Although it would be hard work, it would be really nice not to have the behaviour issues I have in a college and not to have to deal with teenagers who are addicted to their mobile phones anymore! (Plus I did a primary placement a couple of years ago and really loved it).
  • Apply for special needs teaching. This would also help me prepare for Educational Psychology, and would help with behavioural issues. I have taught Special Needs learners before and absolutely loved it. The only problem is, there aren't as many jobs in colleges doing this, and Special schools will want an applicant with a primary or secondary PGCE, not a post-compulsory one.
  • Apply for Functional skills and GCSE English elsewhere. This would be the same job, so I can resuse resources, but be in a different institution which would hopefully provide better support for staff. It does seem a bit like I'm swapping something I don't like for the same thing which isn't ideal, but could be marginally better.
  • Apply in a school that doesn't mind FE qualified teachers for Psychology or English teaching. Psychology would be great, as although it's still teenagers, it's something they'd have chosen to study. English might be worse, as it'd be bigger classes and a subject the students are forced to do. I haven't necessarily got the qualifications yet, but by May I'll have a  level 4 diploma.
Good news is, I can hopefully mover closer back to Nottingham. My boyfriend has applied for a job there so if he gets it, we'll need to mover closer to there anyway. Fingers crossed I get a great primary placement or special needs teaching job in an ideal location! How I long to say those three little words after a hard day at work... "I love my job".


Natalie Gigi Wong said...

Hope you had a really good new year xD

Didn't you just move into an apartment?! o.o
Nottingham is epic, my dad grew up there and the life there is so busy xD


Lucinda Harrington said...

We did just move in a couple of months ago, but I think the landlord wants to live here again in August, so we'll have to move anyway! If I can get a better job I'm happy to move!

I grew up in Nottingham and I miss it loads. My friends all live there.

Happy new year to you too!! Did you have a good one?