Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Miranda: a guilty addiction

It was a couple of years ago I said to someone I worked with, "I have a guilty confession...". She was intrigued, and couldn't wait to hear me. I said in a hushed tone, "I really like this programme called Miranda. I know it's awful, but I love it". To my excitement, she replied with "Oh my god, me too!!!". It was then I realised it wasn't just me, this was a growing phenomenon.

When I first saw Miranda, I was shocked by the amount of slapstick tomfoolery it contained: talking to camera, falling over, it was like stepping back in time. It is silly, and daft, but it isn't ashamed. There are three reasons I think Miranda works as a program.

1. It doesn't use the same old plots. If the writers tried using the tired, predicatable plots from years gone by, the show would automatically be a flop. Thankfully, going on holiday to a hotel round the corner from where you live isn't an idea I've already seen, and it is the fact that we haven't seen it before that means it doesn't feel too outdated. It doesn't always get it right (I hate the episode at the therapist's office), but at least it tries something new.

2. The lead. If the main character was a goofy man (think Mr Bean), I wouldn't be interested. The main character, however, is a strong, independent, flawed but real woman. I'm not going to get up on a pedestal and cry feminism; I'm not sure it is that, but Miranda is a potentially positive, and consistently interesting character. Her best friend is also unique and although pretty, certainly not flawless. It is the flaws in the characters which mean I love them rather than despise them. All the characters are full of delightful imperfections.

3. It is to the extreme. A half-hearted, slightly silly programme would feel slightly lame. The fact the programme is daft as a brush, and consistently light-hearted is why people keep coming back for more. It's a guilty, effective, pick-me-up. Although it is silly, it's never sad. We feel slightly naughty enjoying a grown woman rolling on the floor and talking to the audience. But, we love it.

So lets embrace the new series. I missed last night's episode, but my 'record series' option should have it saved ready for some down-time later.

Are you a fan of Miranda? Does your partner like it? I'm yet to find a man who enjoys this show.

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