Friday, 24 May 2013

Not enough experience

At around 4 job interviews now, my feedback has been: we really liked you, but someone else with more experience. We really liked you and want you to reapply in the future. You came across really well, and if we could hire two people, you were second on the list.

Since when did 2 years experience mean that you are inexperienced? I understand, there are others out there that have more experience, but how do people gain experience without being hired? It's the chicken and the egg question, how do you get the experience, if they won't hire you and offer you the experience?

Please don't think I'm being bitter. I wouldn't have hired me for the job either. It's a position being the only English teacher within a new school, and I don't feel I know enough about the exam boards and setting up the course to be able to fullfill the position. It would have been a lot of pressure and there wouldn't have been anyone to ask for help. I've only been teaching GCSE English for two years, so I can see where they are coming from.

Yet, it does make me wonder about how Newly Qualified Teachers gain experience. If everyone wants someone that's already done it all, how do people get on the career ladder? Perhaps they are all doing supply work. Is that the standard route?

Also, in other careers, how do people gain the experience to be hired for a graduate position, if others who have been working for longer are beating them to it. Are they being expected to apply for lower and lower paid positions. What's the point in a degree if it doesn't prepare you for a position where you are using the information you have learned?

I have been told that I interview well, and I'm still not able to overcome lack of experience. What do those that struggle in interviews do?

Any insight guys? How was/is your job hunting?

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