Monday, 17 June 2013

Don't ask, don't get.

Finally some positive work news! I am teaching Psychology next year! It's for adults as part of an introduction to higher education programme. I'm so excited!!

The only reason I've been offered it is someone has left, and the A level teacher doesn't have time to do it all, and won't work evenings, so I'm probably in for some naff timetabling. So, I'm not being appreciated or looked-after, but if it gets me where I want to be, then never mind. The only reason I have these opportunities is I organised a meeting (or a few) and directly asked for opportunities and to be considered for roles, which goes to show it pays to be pushy!

In fact, I haven't even been officially told. I only know because I was emailed by a colleague asking which modules we are going to teach this year, and another colleague asking for my contribution to this as I'm teaching one of the groups. I said I didn't even know until she told me, which was a little embarrassing, but what I've come to expect around here.

So another positive of that is there seems to be enough teaching for me to do that and GCSE English teaching, which means I won't have to teach any Functional Skills... Hooray! Functional Skills isn't a terrible course, but the students never want to do it so it has the most behavioural problems. They won't be little angels in GCSE but they'll be a little more motivated and it's a little more interesting to teach as you look at books and discuss plays.

So, things are looking up. Although I don't really like the institution, mostly due to poor management decisions and clear nepotism, I may have a slightly better year here next year, and it will hopefully get me some experience that will benefit my long-term career plans. I just hope I'm not teaching more than 2 evenings a week!

Would you go above and beyond your job to get where you want to be? Do you ask for opportunities at work?

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