Sunday, 23 June 2013


My Mum can be irritating at times, but here are some good points she has. I think my boyfriend appreciates them more than I do!

She makes the best roast dinners
Even better than the pub roast dinners, Mum's never fail to be delicious (and scorching hot)

She always makes dessert
I almost never make dessert, it's too much hassle, but Mum always makes the effort to have at least one dessert ready. This weekend she had two!

She always has wine
I never need to nip to the shops, there's always a bottle somewhere in the house (this isn't implying she's an alcoholic!)

She always gives us leftovers
We never leave Mum's without a bag full of food, and often a bone for the dog.

She always tidies my room
And I've usually left in a rush so I've left it in a bit of a mess, but it's always nice and clean when I go back to visit again. She never tidied it when I lived with her though.

She's always in a mothering sort of mood
Since I don't see her every day, she's always making a fuss and mothering. She doesn't make a big effort when I visit on my own, but if I take the boyfriend she pulls out all the stops. 

This is why my boyfriend never minds visiting my mother at the weekend. And this is why if we lived too near her he'd be obese!

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