Monday, 1 July 2013

Alexa Chung

I know what you're thinking... how can you hate Keira Knightley, but love Alexa Chung? Well, for the record, I'm not suggesting I love Alexa Chung. I still can't get over her terrible hosting in Vanity Lair, and I've not seen her do much else since. However, one thing I can admit is the girl can dress, and she usual looks damn good. She is a little bit skinny and unachievable by us averagely sized peeps, but her looks are completely possible by people on a nomal budget.

The thing she does well is the messy, 'I don't give a damn', effortlessly cool style with stepping too far away from classical and into novelty. Here are some of my favourite of her looks.  Bear in mind, there is a part of me that still gets annoyed looking at images of her because I know I won't look as faboulous as her, so don't worry if you're thinking the same thing... we are not alone. She probably looks normal without all the make up and air brushing anyway (or we can at least tell ourselves that!)


Alexa green dress

I just love the messy, baggy, 'just thrown this on' style she eludes. And it's also an excuse not to straighten my hair in the morning. Unfortunately Alexa probably straightens her hair, then artfully curls it into perfect bedroom hair, whereas I get out of bed and go to work. Not quite the same effect.

I've decided to spend a few days in summer reorganising my wardrobe and chucking out some of my primark dresses (or recycling them where possible) and replacing them with some tailored pieces. Unfortunately with buying a house, that may be fewer pieces than I would hope, but I'll do the maths. I'd like a few new pieces for when I start back at work in August.

Who is your style icon?

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