Friday, 19 July 2013

How to get more blog followers on Blogger

Making a blog is easy. Gaining a following isn't. There are so many blogs out there competing for attention. In an age of generations of people that don't like reading, many people will visit a blog for a few seconds and not read the content.

Blog followers Blogger

So how do you make sure that your blog is seen by people who read blogs? Here are my top tips.

Write content as often as you can. I read blogs much more often if I know there will almost always be a new post to read. If they only blog once a month I'll forget to check. Having fresh content ready is part of the struggle but the only way to gain rewards in the blogging world.

Blog about current issues, and local issues. Say Michael Jackson has just died. How many people will be looking for websites with information or views about that? Thousands. Blog about things that people will be talking about anyway and post them onto Twitter. Either that, or blog about local current issues. At the moment there are local issues in my village (I'm sure you'll have read about them if you follow my blog) and many people have stumbled across my blog because they've been looking for information about this issue. Blog big, but also blog local!

Run competitions and giveaways. Prizes and giveaways to followers are a great incentive to followers as there is much more chance of winning than entering a magazine competition. You just need the time to organise the giveaway and the funds to buy prizes. If you're already a successful blog it is much easier to approach companies asking for giveaway prizes, but if not there's nothing to stop you from buying a prize and offering it yourself.

Get yourself out there. You've got to interact with others to get your blog seen. There are positive ways of doing this, and negative ways. For example - writing boring messages on a forum and posting your blog website after each post is a lame way to publicise your blog, and will annoy people like this. However, if you read and comment on other blogs, people can make their way back to you through your blog ID. Finding forums that are made for advertising blogs is also a plus because that's what they're there for. You could also publicise your blog on Twitter or Facebook. Be careful though; I have decided not to use my Facebook because I don't want work colleagues to see the blog (I'm not always complimentary about my workplace!).

Tell friends. I have shown my blog to friends that I don't mind reading my posts. I don't want everyone I know reading, but some friends I know will appreciate it.

Find similar blogs and let the writers know. People with similar interests to you are more likely to be interested in your blog, and could always send more readers to your blog. As a community we need to help each other out.

Include lots of images. As I said, people don't want to read. Images encourage someone to stay and read your content, but more importantly, many readers can find your blog through an image search. Some will steal the photo and run away, but some may just be tempted to follow the image to find out where it came from.

Post a blog post about getting more followers on blogger. I'll let you know if it works!

Let me know if you have any more blogging tips, and whether the tips here worked. Feel free to comment and leave your blog address!! There's plenty of room in the blog world for all of us!


Stephanie said...

Hi Lucinda,
I, for one, really appreciate this information. I blog about growing up in rural Alabama. And btw, my mom was a kindergarten teacher. I taught for a couple of yrs bf morphing into a technical writer. Now I work as a blogger and a stay at home mom. Would love for you to visit me at Today I blogged about the world's lgst yard sale!

Lucinda Harrington said...

Thanks Stephanie. I had a look at your blog. My boyfriend would LOVE that yard sale, he loves a good bargain!

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