Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Car Boot Haul

I went to Saddington Car-boot on Monday with the boyfriend and his nephew.

I was really pleased with some of the items we bought. We were a bit quick to buy, but got some great deals. Here's what we got:

 Old books for 10p each! Going to use them as a design feature.

Dickens novels for 20p each
A mini herb garden for £1.50

A pair of paintings (prints) for £5.

A floral tray for £1.50
Some cowboy toys for the boyfriend's nephew for £3

A letter catcher for £2 (to stop the dog eating the post)

 Two seaside paintings (originals) for £5

Do you go to car boot sales? What are your top tips?

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Tall Slim Sally said...

I used to go to car boot sales with Mum and Dad. After the accident I stopped going because Nan didn't approve of them. Once I moved back home on my own I was too busy with A2 work. Then came university and a boy friend and I was even busier! Perhaps this weekend now you have reminded me?