Monday, 12 August 2013

Why I really like Josie Long

If you haven't heard of Josie, she's a female British stand-up comedian. She's been on the periphery of big things for a long time, but doesn't seem to have made it into the main-stream yet. She's does a lot of touring around England, so it's fairly easy to book to seek one of her gigs. You can find information about this here.

I was listening to an interview she did with some New Zealand fellas (or could have been Australian) on a podcast recently and it got me thinking about why I like Josie Long. So here is my: list of reasons why I like Josie Long.

She likes lists. I like lists.

She is well read. She gave out a comic at one of her gigs a few years ago in Canterbury and it had a list of her favourite books on it. I read The Abortion, and Slapstick or Lonesome No More from that list, and although I didn't enjoy them a huge amount while I was reading them, they've stuck with me.

She likes to swim outdoors. I like to swim outdoors! Recently I've swam in the sea in Suffolk, the canal near my house and Colwick park lake in Nottingham.

She tries to be better. She did a maths A level just to be better at maths. Recently she's become more politically aware because it's the right thing to do. I like things like this. I want to always be learning new things, that's why I chose to do a MSc in Psychology in my spare time, despite the fact I don't need to for my job.

She doesn't try to fit the 'mould'. She's not stick skinny and she doesn't try to be, but she is honest about her insecurities.

She likes to meet new people and connect with her fans. She doesn't rush off after a gig but will stay and chat.

She is funny.

This concludes my list of reasons why I like Josie Long. If you don't know who she is, check her out on Youtube.


Tall Slim Sally said...

Oh dear - I'm "stick skinny" as you call it. 5ft 11inches but only 8 stone 10lbs. Both Mum and Dad were tall and slim :(

duck in a dress said...

I agree - Josie Long is great!

I saw her at Glastonbury Festival and me and the other half have tickets to see her and Robin Ince (doing a joint show) in October - really looking forward to it! :-) x