Sunday, 29 September 2013

Renovating like a hole in the head

I went to the Leciester bloggers event yesterday (photos to come soon) but had to cut my day short because I was very aware that the first steps of renovating the new house were happening.

The boyfriend invited his friends to help him out with removing floorboards and the stairs. I was terrified! Particularly when I had a voicemail message (whilst sitting in Bella Italia with the girls) asking whether they should remove the wall. Which wall? Is the house going to fall down? I quickly texted back, 'NO!'. Walls weren't in the removing plan!

I returned to this: 


The stairs had almost completely been removed (smashed wildly at until they fell off the wall) and there was debris and dust everywhere. I was quickly sent off to make burgers for the boys and to buy bin bags for cleaning up, but not before I had a little go at smashing things myself. It's actually more difficult and less enjoyable than it sounds. And it's very very noisy. I'm sure our new neighbours were less than impressed.

The good news is, we have cleared the way for brand new flooring and new stairs and saved £200 doing it ourselves. The bad news is, we left a window open upstairs and can't go up to close it. The good news is, there's nothing to steal and no floor for potential burglars to stand on!

So Monday will involve the joiners coming and cracking on with the job, joined by the plumber and electrician. It's getting real now!

How did you spend your Saturday?


duck in a dress said...

Snap! We spent our Saturday renovating as well, the other half plastering a wall and building a cupboard to house our new boiler, and me looking at wallpaper and paint (and Pinterest, ooops) online. :-) x

Lucinda Harrington said...

Ooh, is it on your blog? Would love to see the finished product. Good luck and enjoy picking out wallpaper!