Sunday, 6 October 2013

Items for sale in Leicester

Our renovation project is going to cost more than we thought. In order to gain a bit of money, and to make some more room, we've decided to sell a few of our much-loved items. They are currently on eBay and although we love them, the priority right now for us is to have the money for a new bathroom, rather than to have gorgeous vintage furniture.

Here's what we have for sale. Please help us out by passing this on to people you know in or around Leicester! We decided to sell our vintage bookcase, writing desk and chair. They are all for sale separately and all solid wood and real leather.

 See this item on eBay here

See the desk on eBay here

See the desk chair on eBay here

Thanks for helping! Remember you can still enter my giveaway! Free nail varnish

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