Monday, 21 October 2013

Needs must

I've just booked in a client for private tutoring at £20 an hour and near my new work! On one hand this is brilliant. I need the money for my renovation project. On the other hand, I don't have enough hours in the day as it is. Here are all my current commitments:

Working as a teacher - 37.5 hours a week (plus marking and planning)

Travel - 1.5 hours a day currently. Soon to be 30-40 minutes a day (hooray).

Psychology MSc - currently doing about 3 hours a week but need to do more to get a better mark.

Renovation project - currently doing 10 hours a week stripping wallpaper, removing bricks, cleaning, installing skirting boards.

Blogging - currently about 2 hours a week but I would like to spend longer

Family - 24 hours every two weeks

Boyfriend's family - about 5 hours a week

Add on tutoring, around 2 hours a week and it's gonna to be pretty packed. I really need to start to organise my time and find a way to achieve everything as well as getting some time to relax as well.

I'm hoping that tutoring is as easy as I think it is. I can set some work, mark it when I arrive while the students is doing a another piece, and tailor the pieces to the individual's needs. I can also bring some work resources home also. I may have to read a book or two though if they're studying literature (or at least look it up on Sparknotes).

How do you manage all your commitments?

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Tall Slim Sally said...

I'm fairly organised. I need to be what with university work, my athletics and my life modelling. My house is an endless source of work as well but my housemates are total stars and do far more than their share!
All that said I don't have much free time.