Friday, 15 November 2013

Choosing a suite for a tiny bathroom

Our bathroom has now been built, but has no suite installed. It's really small. Basically we have reveresed the direction of the stairs and the bathroom is now where the top of the stairs were. Our only options were to have a very tiny bathroom, or steal some space from the third bedroom. However, even if we had done that we wouldn't have gained much as due to the position of the gas and electrics under the stairs we didn't have much room to play with.
So, when deciding on our suite we knew our options were limited. We could either have a toilet, sink and freestanding shower, or a shower over the bath. We chose a shower over the bath as I love a bath when I'm feeling stressed, and future buyers would probably feel the same way, particularly if they had children.
I have liked double ended baths for a long time, so we opted for one of these. This isn't to be confused with a free standing bath. That's the dream but it would have been completely pointless putting one in with the amount of floor space we have available, and would have ruled out a shower.
We bought a suite from Wickes that included expensive taps but a fairly inexpensive suite. We chose the double-ended bath option and were pleased the suite came with a soft-close toilet. However, we didn't think through the sink and we would tried it in the room, it looked absolutely enormous. It was pretty stupid to buy a sink without thinking of the measurements, but we ended up buying another sink from eBay instead. We're going to try to sell the original sink on gumtree as it wouldn't be worth much if we took it back to Wickes due to the reduced prices in the deal.

The bath is being fitted today, so I no longer have to wash myself in the kitchen sink (which has been horrible!). I then need to start tiling the bathroom ready for the sink, towel rail and toilet to be fitted. I'm really scared about tiling myself but we need to save the money!

How big is your bathroom?


Lusaka White 450mm Floor Mounted Vanity Unit and Basin we bought from eBay

Suite we bought from Wickes 




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