Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's day schmalentine's day.

So today is Valentine's day. I find it hard to decide if this day is a bit of fun, a con, or an important day to celebrate.

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When I asked my boyfriend what we were doing for Valentine's day, his response was "nothing, I don't believe in it." For a second I was hurt. I felt a little rejected. And then I thought about it. Why should we be forced into spending twice as much on a meal out when we eat out together regularly? Is there any need to by a token present just for the sake of it?

I think Valentine's day is probably a bit more exciting for new couples. Celebrating your first Valentine's day is perhaps a way to feel good about your relationship or to celebrate the fact you're no longer single. It also often seems like a chance to show off about your relationship on Facebook.. not something I'd think of doing.

I've decided not to be upset about my boyfriend boycotting Valentine's day. One, because I'm skint. Two, because it makes waste - wrapping paper, cards, pointless fluffy toy hearts, and Three, because he walks the dog every morning while I lie in bed for an extra hour. What's more romantic than that?

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