Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pancake day!

Today is pancake day in the UK. This is the day that everyone who is anyone eats a pancake. Not your big fat American Style pancake - instead we love a thin pancake packed full of topping and rolled up into a big pancakey-chocolatey tube. To be honest, often my pancake:topping ratio is a little off. "Would you like some pancake with your chocolate spread?"

So - to give you some pancake inspiration, here is a simple pancake recipe, and some tasty topping ideas.

The recipe

 4 oz plain flour, 7 fl oz of milk, 3 fl oz of water, 2 eggs, and a pinch of salt. Mix it all together,  then ladle it into a scorching hot pan frying pan, spreading it around by tipping the pan. One ladle-full is one pancake.

The toppings

My favourite pancake topping is chocolate spread. It's chocolatey, sticky, and fast. Amazing!

You could be traditional, and go for the old lemon juice and sugar. This is what I grew up with on my pancakes (until I realised chocolate tastes better).



A variation on lemons is to drizzle your pancakes in tangy orange juice. I think most people squeeze it straight from the orange, but I have known people pour carton orange juice onto their pancake!

Another favourite is maple or golden syrup. I always find this to be a bit too thick, but I'll sometimes add a bit of maple syrup for variation.


If you wanted to be healthy, you could always add some fruit, like in this recipe.
What are you having on your pancakes?

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