Monday, 31 March 2014

Weekend in Nottingham and two year anniversary

It was two years since my Dad died last Friday. I felt the pressure to feel particlarly sad on the day, although I don't know why that's important. I feel sad whenever I think of Dad dying, but life must go on and there isn't much good to be achieved to wallow from morning to night - that's what time alone is for. I felt sad, and appeciated the few texts from friends I received (it really meant a lot that some had remembered), but it was still just another day that he was gone.

My home town

At my Mum's during the evening we didn't talk about Dad a lot. We were busy talking about my new job, and discussing my move to Nottingham. Mum mentioned him during dinner though and we gave a toast and thought about how proud he would have been. I'd give anything to tell him and see his face. He saw me become a teacher, get a degree and learn to drive, but he didn't get to see me own a home, or get married, or have children. I guess there's always something. It's always too early when people leave.

The rest of the weekend was fine. I saw some friends on Saturday night and felt excited to return home. It made me remember the social life I once had! It feels like teachers don't want to socialise outside of work, and I haven't made any friends in Leicester, so it will be so nice returning to a place where I can, at least now and then, go out for a drink and catch up with people or attend life drawing classes (I need to show you guys my drawings from that!).

Then on mother's day my brother and I went for a meal with Mum. It was nice to go out with our significant others but just as a family for a change. Not that I don't want my boyfriend involved in my family... I love that he is, but it was nice to just be together as a three. We ate in Petit Paris - a sweet little French restaurant with slightly grumpy waiters and nice food. Then for the rest of the weekend Mum and I talked about houses and where I would live in Nottingham. It's pretty exciting but we need to sell the house in Leicester first.

How was your weekend?


Tall Slim Sally said...

I have just updated my blog which is normally a Saturday job but hey, I just live for the present.

On he topic of parental death. Birthdays are not good but the date of the actual accident is much worse

Tall Slim Sally said...

You have gone quiet - overworked like me!?

I have done another blog entry. I seem to get about 150 hits a week now which isn't too bad.

Tall Slim Sally said...

I wonder if - like me - you are going through "bloggers crisis". Too few readers leaving too few comments means that unless you really enjoy writing just for writing sake blogging can become "just another chore".

It is a small step from that to stop blogging altogether!

Tall Slim Sally said...

I've sent you a waving goodbye email. Bye!