Monday, 16 June 2014


Afternoon all,

I have truly been neglecting my blog for a while now. I should have come back to check in and told everyone why a while ago, but I felt so guilty about not blogging that I didn't want to admit I wasn't blogging by blogging about blogging (if that makes any sense!?). Anyway, I have really enjoyed blogging and it's something that I want to come back to, but just not right now. I think the thing that made me lose motivation so completely was discovering so many other fantastic blogs! So many people are doing what I wanted to do so much better thna I could. I don't feel the blogging sphere really needs me, and since getting a new job in the direction I'd like to be moving and with so many more opportunities in the city I want to live in, I guess right now I don't really need it.

This isn't goodbye forever. I will be back. I can't promise it'll be soon, but blogging is definitely something that I don't want to walk away from. As soon as I get knocked up and on maternity leave, I can guarantee I'll be blogging every day - but I'm definitely not baby ready yet!

I've been totally inspired by a video blogger named Grav3yard girl who is basically an American version of myself. I'd love to do some video blogging but I'm afraid to put myself out there due to being a teacher. It's something I'll consider. Perhaps I can keep the content fairly teacher-friendly.

Anyway, I'll be leaving this blog open and available for anyone who would like to aimlessly wander through its content on a grey Sunday afternoon (or whatever time that suits you). Thank you so much for reading faithfully and I honestly believe I will be back once I have more time and inspiration. I may even check in soon-ish, now the pressure of feeling like I HAVE to blog is off.

Love to you all.

Lucinda xxx


Tall Slim Sally said...

I will miss your blog but I understand where you are coming from. A lack of readers and especially a lack of comments is demotivating.
I don't know where to go with my blog - I now get about 70-150 viewers per week but close to zero comments.

Anonymous said...

A lot of us just enjoy dropping in and reading on occasion, thanks for the blog, it made me laugh and sometimes pause in equal measure. Good luck with the job..

The silent majority