Thursday, 31 July 2014

Walking away and walking towards.

SURPRISE! I'm back! Don't get too excited, this doesn't mean I am suddenly going to become a regular updater again, but I felt like doing the odd post or two, and there are no rules in the blogging world, so that's what yer gettin'.

Plus, I'm at work still and nearly everyone else is on holiday, and all the people who are in have already been on holiday so I've got a lot of free time and I'm pretty miserable. Blogging always cheers me up. Plus I've had a couple of lovely comments on the blog recently so I definitely owe anyone checking in a couple of new updates!


With the end of another job in my sights, and the beginning of a new, terrifying one, I've been thinking a lot about transitioning and the swift changes that a relocation or a new job brings. I've spent so many hours talking to the people in my workplace. I've seen there faces so many times. I've only been here since November, but I've probably spent more time in a room with some of them than I have with some of my closest friends! I guess that's the craziness about a workplace. You're thrust into a space where you are expected to spend hours with others, and be friendly with anyone in your close proximity. The only thing you often have in common with these people is the job you do.

The weirdest thing is that I've spent all this time with these people and I know all these things about their lives (like my colleague whose husband cheated on her, and then she ended up with the husband of the woman he cheated with.. BOOM! How's that for an interesting 'where did you meet your husband?' story!). One of my colleagues even came to my house for a barbecue last weekend, so he's even seen my life outside of work (and saw me a bit tipsy if I'm honest). Yet I will probably never see these people again.

I've met my new colleagues for my new workplace, and again, we're just a bunch of people who share the same profession. It's strange to meet them and know that inevitably I will learn things about them, possibly even attend their weddings (two are engaged) and they will become my new workplace family. It's all very surreal. I guess it's the same with teaching. I spend ages with a class of young people, then they walk out the door into the real world and I barely even remember them a few years later.

The good thing is that despite these huge changes in my day-to-day contact, I feel pretty confident that I will find myself to be an accepted and vital part of the team. I don't struggle to find things in common with others and I'm pretty good at making friends with people. It's the walking away thats hard than the walking towards. It's sad to leave a place. And a house. And a village. There'll be a lot of goodbyes over the next few months.

I am incredibly excited about moving back to Nottingham though. My friend has already told me she wants me to join a ceramics class with her, although I might try to steer her towards textiles (I'd rather have too many cushions than too many pots). I'd never have done that in Leicester. There a lot of friends I can reconnect with and that prospect is mega-exciting.

How do you cope with leaving a workplace?


Tall Slim Sally said...

It is much the same with people on the same course at university. You get to know them quite well after 3 years, then you graduate and probably never see them again. This is especially true with the couple of overseas students.

Tall Slim Sally said...

I was talking to a neighbour about her time at university. She shared a house with four others for 18 months and it took from 1978 when they all graduated until 2013 to get all five of them back together for a reunion.

Tall Slim Sally said...

Hello again. I'm still blogging but very much trying to keep it down to just two entries a month. I recently started on my PGCE - I was warned it would be mega hard work and they were right!

Tall Slim Sally said...

Hello Lucinda - Do you think that you will ever restart this blog?

I'm still plodding along. January will be the 5th anniversary of Mum and Dad dying so I expect things might be a bit difficult :(

Tall Slim Sally said...

Waving goodbye!

I've decided to remove the link to your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts and I will always be grateful for the comments you left on my blog but "Putting the Tea in Teacher" seems to be dead and buried and so it is time to move on!