Monday, 25 June 2012

Bridesmaid's dress.......

Here it is... the big reveal.

I will be wearing this dress to my brother's wedding in December (It's going to be freezing, I made need a coat!).

bridesmaid dress blue

His fiance's sister will have the same dress, and is the same size as me. She's going to have 4 other bridesmaids in pairs wearing different shades of blue.

 It's from Coast and it's called the Belinda dress. It's pretty cute, and as bridesmaids dresses go, it could be a lot worse! I quite like the detailing, but I'm not sure it totally suits the model, and if it doesn't suit her, what hope do I have? They also do it in a maxi dress, which looks pretty lush. I can't usually pull of maxi dresses though, I always try them on and then think I'll probably cheat on them with a smaller dress anyway. I just can't find one I can commit to.

 She was also thinking about getting us the Kyla dress, which I actually prefer, but her sister didn't like it.

retro bridesmaid blue
I love the twenties vibe of this one. It's also from Coast but I think they'd sold out of our size anyway. 

Which do you prefer?

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