Sunday, 24 June 2012

Vintage fair!

I went to a vintage fair in Leicester today at Guild Hall. It had loads of gorgeous items, I just wanted to buy everything! Here are my favourite bits....

floating vintage designs
Gorgeous display of vintage jewellery

floating vintage designs
Cute necklaces with watches in from Floating Vintage Designs (website)

20th century collector
Adorable cake stands from 20th Century Collector (website)

We took some time afterwards to explore Guild Hall (It's in Leicester city centre near the cathedral). They have spooky cells and creepy old torture devices. It's a gorgeous building in, in my opinion, the nicest part of Leicester centre, and a really great place to have a vintage fair. I hope there's one on after I move into a house of my own!

Here's my friend clowning around in the stocks... 
Guild Hall stocks

Look at her pathetic little face! Loving her scarf too.

Let me know where you get your favourite vintage finds from, I'd love to hear.

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