Saturday, 28 July 2012

Personal Style

Like most people... well, some people (my boyfriend just wears whatever his aunts buy him for Christmas), my style is ever-changing. I go from cutesy to sophisticated and back again within my mind in a matter of days. I like to think I can pull off both looks, but I end up with cutesy more often than effortless chic. 

Currently I'm after some statement pieces that I just adore and can throw on and feel effortlessly cool. I don't mind paying more than I usually would for them (my go-to place is usually Primark... I get sucked in by the prices), but if I am paying more, I have to put in the time to shop around to make sure I'm getting what I want for the money, and that means I have to put in more hours. It's a tough one, it'd be nice to walk into an expensive shop, see something, and make a decision to buy it. Unfortunately while I'm earning vastly more than a year ago, I'm not a good enough wage to warrant spending a lot on what I wear. 

I'm really into the striped look. There's something about it that's very French and bohemian without being too out-there. I would like a staple stripe top, but not one that's too clingy or makes me feel too warm. My workplace is like an oven and I don't want to walk around feeling uncomfortable. I'm thinking Audrey Tautou in Coco before Chanel, or Audrey Hepburn.

Unfortunately, what I bought today is almost exactly the opposite of this subtle style. 

A ballerina dress from Zara. It's even more poofy in real life than on the Zara website...

It was only £23 though. I bought it as a statement piece in Barcelona. Think Carrie Bradshaw...

My friend said when I tried it on.... "If anyone can pull it off... it's you." I took that as a compliment, or perhaps a dare, and bought the thing.

I must stop giving in to these insane ideas and buy wearable, sensible clothes.

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