Sunday, 29 July 2012

Snogging in public

I'm not one for public displays of affection. I'll hold my boyfriend's hand in public, and give him a hug, but I don't think we would suck face in a public area. Sorry, that phrase suck face made me want to yack, I didn't mean to inflict it on you guys.

I guess with public displays of affection, it depends what you consider public. I would consider anything other than behind closed doors public, although I would also include public bathrooms if there's someone waiting outside.

public affection
This I wouldn't like to see whilst eating my picnic

 I flew to Mexico last year with a friend, but we weren't sitting together. I was sitting in a row of three next to a young couple, probably both about 18 or 19. They seemed to consider next to me on a plane, not public. I could hear them kissing every few minutes, and they insisted in lying across each other rather than just remaining in their own seats, which looked very uncomfortable to me. They also ordered champagne for the flight. It seemed like maybe their first holiday together, and perhaps I should have been a little more forgiving for their obvious affection but I just wanted to bop them on the head with my book and tell them to get a grip. Well, that's what I wanted to do at the beginning of the flight. After about 8 hours, I was genuinely praying for a plane crash. 

If that had been me, sitting next to my boyfriend, I would have been fundamentally aware that there was another person sitting less than 10cm away from us. I already conscious that due to a partition wall in the house I live in, my housemate can hear 99% of everything we say and do in my bedroom. It's not ideal to say the least. 

It tends to mostly be teenagers snogging outdoors. Go to any park on a hot day in summer and you will see at least 3 sets of teenage couples practically humping on the grass somewhere, seemingly unaware that they are in full view of anyone else. It is more understandable for teenagers as they obviously have no where else to go and display their sexual desire for each other (this doesn't apply for those going on holiday together, they can bloody well wait till they get to their hotel room).

sucking face
These people should know better

In Liverpool last year there was a man and woman at the bus stop my friend and I were waiting at, snogging for about 30 minutes. We went away to find a toilet and came back, and they were still at it. They both looked about 50. This I do not understand. Surely one, if not both of you, have a home you could go to and complete your sexual displays there. If it's an affair, you should be sucking face (sorry, again) on the street in case someone sees you. If you're into dogging, a bus stop probably isn't the best place to partake in such behaviour. I almost tried to strike up a conversation with the woman after the man had gone, just to get the inside scoop, but I refrained.

Anyway, there's not really a lot I can do about public displays of affection, other than refrain from inflicting them on the world myself. If that's what floats your boat, then go ahead, just don't be offended when I start retching, and please don't do it in a confined space near me, or you're liable to get a book thrown at you.

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