Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Trip to the zoo!

I went to see my friend in St Alban's last Thursday. I met her when we were working at a kids' camp 5 years ago. We lost touch for a while, but about a year ago we finally sorted a meet-up and I've seen her a few times since. It's always nice to see her and we get on well. 

Anyway, after going out for 'student night' on the Thursday night, which brought back a few too many memories and meant we ended up in one of those places where men freely grope your arse as you walk by and you look at them like something that has clung to your shoe, we decided to go to the zoo on Friday.

 I've never been to Whipsnade Zoo before, but it was HUGE. It has every kind of zoo creature you'd imagine and the enclosures are big. I like going to the zoo but I always feel some element of guilt at seeing the animals in cages. I know it's all about conservation and breeding, but it's just so unnatural.

We went to see the penguin show first, and then made our way to the elephant show. These were good, the animals all did as expected, but I didn't really enjoy them. The shows seemed to be about trying to get the elephants to behave like humans, and then everyone going awww, isn't that sweet. It's just not right in my opinion. I did enjoy seeing the elephants moving about because they're my favourites, but I probably would have enjoyed seeing them pleasing themselves in their cages or having a wash just as much.

seal show whipsnade
 The sealion show
seal show whipsnade

elephant show whipsnadetiger enclosure

mummy baby elephant
 The baby elephant was holding its Mum's tail!

riding elephant whipsnade zoo

elephant woods

 There were sooo many children everywhere I got sick of hearing them screaming and crying. I think it would be better to have an adults only day at the zoo now and then, I would definitely go to that. My friend and I agreed that our favourite bit was when we sat watching hugo the rhino having a doss about in his pond. Mostly because they children didn't find it interesting, and we could have some peace and quiet for our hungover heads. The barrier was small and I could have easily jumped on his back! I decided against it though.

rhino whipsnade zoo

flamingos lake

whipsnade hippo

giraffe whipsnade zoo

penguin feeding
 It was lovely seeing the penguins having their dinner. They were adorable.

whipsnade zoo penguins

cute penguin

It wasn't my favourite zoo day ever, partly because it's exhausting walking around the whole thing, but it was a nice day out. I really enjoyed going to Howletts earlier this year and watching the gorillas. They're so interesting and they have seats so you can sit and enjoy.

Ooh, also, I've dyed the ends of my hair red now. It looks good! Photos coming soon.

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