Monday, 2 July 2012

TV Star

I went to see the Olympic torch today. It stopped right by my work, so it would be rude not to. A lot of my colleagues didn't bother because of the rain, but they stay in the staff room and saw me on TV instead. It was lovely seeing all the kids excited about it, and everyone going to see despite the grim weather.

Due to the BBC's live feed, you can look back and see yourself on the telly. Obviously I made it even easier to see me with my rainbow children's umbrella. Here I am...

BBC news olympic
 That's me taking a photo with the rainbow umbrella!

BBC news olympic flag
And again.

I think it's great that the Olympics are in England this year. It means everything will be on at a reasonable time, and it gives people in England something to look forward to, and to be proud of. I just hope nothing awful gets targeted at us because of it.

Did any of you go and see the torch? Did you enjoy it?

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