Thursday, 2 August 2012


I am always on the hunt for new music, or music I just haven't yet discovered. Here some artists I've stumbled across and fallen head over heels for. Some are brand spanking new, and some just haven't headed in my direction before.

Lucy Rose

I LOVE Laura Marling, and Lucy Rose is pretty much her with a ginger wig on. I love the chilled out folksy songs and thoughtful lyrics. These ladies are why I want to learn to play guitar.

Kitty Pryde

Not sure if this will be on my 'most played', but I like this girl. She's a ginger white-girl who just happens to be awesome at rapping. I love that it's unexpected and apparently she is the hot new sound. I can put up with that.


Cutesy British singer with some beautiful lyrics. You'll either love it or hate it.

The Staves

Pretty much more of the same, a girl band with some pretty harmonies and long hair.


An all sister girl band, but nothing like The Corrs. A bit more funky and easy to dance to. It sounds like it's been around longer than it has, which is usually the sign of a good song. In a weird way the kind of look like boy-girls from Hanson. The video is quite annoying so be warned.

Praries - Fallin

The last one is a shameless plug, but my friend made this song and I love it. It's called Fallin and is very catchy. Let me know what you think, or drop him a comment!

 Prairies - Fallin'

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