Wednesday, 11 July 2012

We're only human

When people say the phrase, "They're only human," they are talking about the fact that people are flawed. I was thinking about all the things humans have done, and the amazing technology we have. Even the internet baffles my mind. Being 'only human' to me is so impressive. It's hard to even look at a view without seeing something humans have done.

Anyway, I have found some amazing websites, made by 'only humans'. Some of them are there to educate us, some to fill our time, but they are all great.

The first website has tasks to help you to increase your ability to read quickly. As an English teacher I find this interesting, and wonder if it could help my students. It lets you adjust your reading time and encourages you to push your reading ability to its limits. Not necessarily important to all, but may be a handle tool for some. 

Dutch by Design is an online shop. It has some really interesting new inventions. My favourite is the selfshelf, an invisible shelf that you can rest your books on. It's cute and looks like your literature is magically floating on your wall:

Selfshelf available at dutchbydesign

Next is Stumbleupon. This is a great website where you can discover new sites and videos. It lets you pick catergories and shows you random picks. You may have come to my site from Stumbleupon, and I hope you enjoy reading what I have shared with you all. Stumbleupon is a fantastic way to spend some free time and discover some sites you would never have otherwise found. I discovered this amazing video of an African woman playing the guitar in an unconventional way, but she is amazing at it! See it here.

The next choice is a set of instructions. It allows you to make a handy little lunchbox, or gift box, from a milk jug. It's a really cute idea and looks really handy. 

Make this yourself with instructions from this site

Next is a funny invention. I struggle to get up in the morning, and there are a number of alarm clocks out there with different ways of getting you to leave your soft, warm, comfortable bed, but this one is the most original I've seen. You add a charity you hate to its memory, and the more you snooze, the more of your money it donates to that charity. 

The last one is one I've known about for a while. It's weird, but it works. It's a selection of videos of people crying while eating. It's last for around ten years, mostly do the weird juxtaposition of doing something necessary, or pleasurable, whilst sobbing your heart out. Viewers can send their own videos to contribute. See it here...

I hope you enjoyed my selection of websites. Let me know if you know of any other exciting websites. I'd love to hear.

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