Friday, 10 August 2012

I want a beautiful kitchen

Plans to move in with the boy are going well. We're going to start looking when we get back from Barcelona. I am so excited to start buying pretty house things, but I know I should wait until we actually have a house first. Then I'll know what I need.

My mum is going to give me some money for house things as my birthday present. I already have my eye on a few items, or the kinds of things I want. The trouble is they're also gorgeous but expensive. You really have to pay to have pretty things. 

If I had a million pounds, I would have an amazing kitchen with so many pastel coloured items. Unfortunately, I have a small budget and will have to pick a select few pieces and go for generic cheap on a lot of items. Or very cleverly buy things second hand at car boots.

Here are my favourite kitchen items at the moment:

bread bin garden trading
 Garden Trading bread bin

Roberts radio
kitchen clock pastel blue
 Dotcomgiftshop cloc

kitchen scales pink
 Dotcomgiftshop scales
retro tea set

kenwood kettle cream
 Kenwood kettle
kenwood toaster cream
 Kenwood toaster
ramekins le crueset
 Le Crueset ramekins

mixing bowl john lewis
John Lewis mixing bowl


Chase Conely said...

So have you redone your kitchen? In my situation, I always make it sure that whenever I want to change something with the kitchen design and furniture, I always add my own twist, my personal touch, if you will. For me, that’s just what makes a kitchen beautiful. :)

Lucinda Harrington said...

I haven't redone it. We've moved into a rented house so can't change the layout, but we've bought beautiful bowls and items from T K Maxx and John Lewis. We got the kettle and toaster; they're lovely!