Thursday, 9 August 2012

Review : Catching Fire

I recently read the second book of the Hunger Games called Catching Fire. I thought I would share my views on the book to any of you thinking of either continuing with the trilogy after reading the first book, or giving the books a go.

We finished the last novel with Katniss having won the Hunger Games with Peeta after almost sacrificing herself in order not to let The Capitol force one of them to kill the other. Even typing that sentence seems a bit ridiculous to me, unless you have read the books it means nothing. I like the way the books have created their own little world though, and they are incredibly easy to follow.

Katniss is now living in the victor's houses of District 12. She shares out her supplies as best she can, and the book focuses on her experience back home in some detail. She is then visited by the leader of The Capitol and he reveals there has been unrest due to her behaviour in the Hunger Games, and she should do nothing to increase that. On her tour of the districts, she accidently does just the opposite and it soon emerges that the districts are turning against their treatment by The Capitol and beginning to rebel.

This takes up a large part of the book, and then suddenly it is revealed that Katniss is returning to The Hunger Games due to change in the rules for the 75 year anniversary of the games, where past victors are being sent back in. The book soon becomes very rushed and before we know it, she is back in the arena and fighting for her life.

The book is still gripping, and offers a realistic reaction to an unrealistic situation, but the pace seems to be out of proportion to the events in the book. Some parts are dragged out for too long, and some are barely even touched on before we skip on to the next concept. The book in itself isn't a masterpiece, but does offer enough interest to keep readers going. It is suitably different to the previous book so that it doesn't seem to be treading old group, which is a relief as it could have become monotonous.

 Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence

The book sets up the final in the trilogy well and I would be surprised if people didn't keep reading after finishing this text. It does also make me hopeful that the film is going to be something really special. I imagine they will skip a lot of the beginning of the plot as it is more about the character relationships, and will cut to the action. Be prepared for something really exciting. I hope they use many of the same actors as appeared in the first film as they really seemed to fit the descriptions in the books, and I found them distinctly not annoying which is important. The only thing that would stop me wanting to see the films is if they change the lead actress to Keira Knightley. That's a sure-fire way to ruin a good plot.

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