Monday, 10 September 2012

Brown leather sofas

I'm glad to say, myself and the boyfriend have similar taste in home decor. Either that, or he just goes along with what I like, which is fine by me because I have excellent taste.

There is one thing we have been lusting after... a leather sofa. There are some gorgeous Marks and Spencer ones that I have been checking out, and it's currently 30% off. That still means we'll be spending about 2 grand on 2 sofas which is not cheap by anyone's standards. I've been looking online and there do seem to be some second hand sofas that are still gorgeous, but the things seem to hold their value a lot and they're still not a bargain.

The question is, do we pay big bucks for sofas we love and will keep for years, or get something cheap until we're in a more financially comfortable position? I think the second option is probably much more grown-up, and is probably be what we'll do, but a girl can still look right?

Here is some sofa porn for all of you to enjoy.

Abbey sofa: Large
abbey sofa marks and spencer
 Abbey sofa: Medium
abbey sofa marks and spencer
 Barnum sofa: Large
barnum sofa marks and spencer
 Barnum sofa: Medium
barnum sofa marks and spencer
 Love love love. Imagine two of these, cream carpet, this blanket ready to snuggle under...

cream blanket

this bookshelf....

and a carefully placed stack of vintage books...
vintage books green



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