Sunday, 9 September 2012

Why I love Statcounter/ Statcounter review

Part of the blogging experience is monitoring how much interest your blog is getting. Blogger has a rudimentary counter of page views, but with Statcounter you can see detailed information about your blog's views.

Statcounter can show you where each view has come from, down to the city. It also lets you know if people are unique visitors, or reoccuring ones.

The page the viwer has come from is recorded, so you can see referring websites that are promoting your blog, or whether entries on forums are increasing blog traffic. This is useful as the way people find your blog tells you a little about who is reading it. Most referalls I recognise as being put there myself, or are found via an image search on google. However, sometimes referalls don't exist which means people have typed you blog site directly into their webpage or have you saved in their favourites, which is much more exciting!

It tells you the length of visits too. Some people clearly look at the photo on images and then leave. Some people spend 30 seconds scanning the text. Some people spend a few minutes and keep coming back. I like those people best.

The most fun is looking at what words people have type in a search engine to find my blog.

This tells me someone has typed in "A dirty shame nude couple" and been led to my blog. Perhaps it led them to this post, but if not, I don't know why it found me. Strange but intersting!

Anyway, I will continue to analyse my stats in a geek-chic style fashion, and to see if my blog is growing in love from others, or people are just getting bored. If they are I'll have to think of some controversial blog posts. Perhaps naked photos of people I know, or dishing the dirt on my colleagues. Hopefully people will be happy with my more politically correct current blog and I won't have to go down that road!

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