Thursday, 6 September 2012

Facebook official update

Short post today because I'm going out for dinner with my mother (haven't been round for over a week and can't this weekend so I invited her to visit me out of guilt... she said yes). Anyway, for regular followers I have an update on being facebook official.

My boyfriend and I are now facebook official. This is my first facebook official-boyfriend-ness. I am sure you are all aching to congratulate me. He initiated it, out of the blue. I actually feel like we're a bit married now... although he is definitely going to quote this back to me later so I shouldn't have said that.

Is it as big a deal as I'm making out? Probably not, but it does make me feel strange and weirdly open for all to comment on. I do not like being centre of attention electronically. It's much more of a big deal that we're moving in together. But, it does mean other females now know to keep their filthy paws off my man. Not that I don't trust him. And before he initiated it, I didn't give a toss what we had on our statuses, although his 'single' status was starting to bug me slightly. Are you facebook offical?

Anyway I'm off for din-dins.

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