Monday, 24 September 2012

Gorgeous Ikea bedding for that shabby chic look

Things are happening towards getting the house ready! I went with the boyfriend to Ikea on Sunday. We bought some bedding, candles and a few more small bits, but nothing huge. We need to wait till we get the house before actually buying most things. We weren't impressed by any of the ikea furniture anyway. Most of it was melamine, which is a fake type of wood, and I much prefer the real things.

I am in love with the bedding we got. We bought Emmie Land bedding, which I have been lusting after for a while.

ikea bedding

ikea cushions emmie
 The Emmie Land bedding was £15 for a duvet cover and 4 pillow covers. We also bought some really cheap bed linen, which was lovely too. It's called Bladvass, and was £4 for a double duvet cover and 4 pillow covers. I couldn't believe it was so cheap!

Bladvass ikea bedding

Bladvass bedding

Lastly, we bought Nyponros bedding for the spare room. It's neither feminine nor masculine and will look nice on a white painted bed. I did describe it as 'Boy-in-the-Striped Pyjamas-chic' which I'm sure is a phrase that won't catch on and very un-politically correct of me. This one cost £35, a little more than we should have paid, but never mind.

Ikea bedding
The last thing we got was a cosy blanket for the coming winter nights. Bigrit Stra, a woolen bedspread.
Soft woolen blanket

I can't wait to move in and snuggle up in my lovely new bedding. Just got to get a comfy mattress first! Anyone know any good mattress shops?

2 comments: said...

What's Bladvass linen like? Is it soft and comfortable to sleep on? I'm thinking about ordering it online :)

Lucinda Harrington said...

It's not bad! For the price it's entirely comfy. No less comfy than any other bedding I've had. Do it! It's a bargain.