Friday, 28 September 2012

Things my students have said this week.

I have had a crazy busy week, thus no blog post. I have been teaching learners doing English how to use connectives and avoid run on sentences, those doing maths how to mulitply and divide by ten, and those doing GCSE English to analyse a poster. I have also had 2 lunch breaks this week, thus feeling incredibly exhausted at the beginning of the week.

I seem to have nicer classes this year. This is [probably because I have fewer beauty and hair classes, and no motor vehicle classes. Motor vehicle students are renouned for having poor English and maths skills and not being interested in progressing. They also don't seem to be able to sit still and constantly throw paper airplanes or to fight each other. Beauty and hair students are also not interested in learning, but sit and roll their eyes and tut. They also tend to not have much of a sense of humour. 

The classes I have had have come out with some funny things though. Here are some things my learners have said this week:

"Miss, have you ever fallen asleep with chewing gum in your mouth?"

When looking at a poster with the title "FIND YOUR FEET",  a student with Asperger's said "I've found my feet", without a trace of humour.

An art class : I said "What artists are you interested in?"... silence. Then I said "Do you all use of facebook?"... all of the learners: "Yeah!". 

Student: "I don't wanna do this." Me: "Deal with it!". Student then gives me a high five and completes the work.

"I want to give a jaffa cake a facial".

Teenagers.... completely unpredictable!

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