Friday, 19 October 2012

Most useful quotes

I'm not one for 'uplifting quotes'. My last manger used to email them around to their staff to give them a boost. I would have preferred some actual practical support and the odd conversation now and then, but each to their own. I do like rhymes though, and there are a few little rhymes that I say to myself now and then to help me make decisions and I thought I'd share these with you.

If in doubt, don't buy owt.

When I'm shopping and I don't know whether to buy something or not, I say this rhyme to myself and walk away. It must have saved me well over £100.

No fools no fun

When I've done something a bit silly, and feel like I should be walking around with my tail between my legs, I remember this little treasure. If everyone was completely sensible all the time, what a boring world we'd live in. It's inevitable the foolishness will be poorly received now and then, but it's overall a good character trait. Everyone else can deal with it.

You're good at your job, so everyone else can just fuck off

Not the most catchy of quotes, but I do find myself repeating this sometimes when the management are getting me down and I'm feeling unmotivated. It can sometimes feel a very depressing environment to be in, and sometimes you just need to remind yourself that given all the time and perfect classrooms in the world you would be AMAZING at your job, but due to limited resources, poor organisation and lack of time (mostly because of the amount of admin required as part of the job) you become a mediocre one. Well it doesn't make me bad at my job, I'm damn amazing, I'm just restricted.

Give yourself a pat on the back for being awesome.

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